SYMTP Summer Production Details - 2022

This summer, SYMTP will be premiering James and the Giant Peach JR! The performance will be open for ages 8-18 and follow the traditional format of having a limited number of first come, first served openings. Registration dates and details will be announced in the coming months (likely sometime in April). Rehearsals will begin June 6th and end with a closing performance on July 16th

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Spring Production Details - 2022

Please read carefully the following information. If you have any audition questions, feel free to contact Leslie at [email protected] or 650-906-6655. As SYMTP Program Director, Lyndon is always available to field questions as well and can be contacted at [email protected] or 928-487-5305. Lyndon and Leslie are happy to be working with an excellent team of Director-Writers for XYMTP, who have been developing these pieces as part of the Creative Voice Circle since the fall. They are Moon Thomas, Emily Schwenk, Ally Shank and Emma Kim. We hope to see you at auditions!


  • Auditions are open to youth, ages 10 to 18, and will be held on Monday, March 7 at 5:30 p.m. at the HDMS auditorium. As our usual practice, in order to provide the safe and brave space we need for the auditions process, parents or other guests will not be permitted to view auditions. Please fill out the attached Audition Form and bring it to auditions on March 7.
  • Casting will be announced on Thursday, March 10. We need a working email for us to contact you or your parent/guardian with the cast list.
  • Because of the nature of the short plays, cast members will not be needed at each rehearsal. Cast members will be called for certain days on a regular basis, and we will absolutely need them on those days. We will inform you of the schedule when we send out the cast list.  Full Cast will begin on April 22 until the end of the play season, and each cast member will be expected to be at ALL rehearsals from April 22 and at all performances, including school shows. Please tell us honestly if there are ANY schedule conflicts at all by March 7 as it will help us considerably with our planning.Rehearsal Dates:
    • Mondays, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., March 21- May 9
    • Wednesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., March 23- May 4
    • Fridays, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., March 25 - May 6
    • Shows:
      • Tuesday, May 10, TBD, School Show
      • Thursday, May 12, TBD, School Show
      • Friday, May 13, 7:00 p.m., Opening Night
      • Saturday, May 14, 2:00 p.m., Matinee Show
      • Saturday, May 14, 7:00 p.m., Closing Night
  • A small fee of $50 to help with costuming and other incidentals will be collected from each cast member. Financial aid is available so please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Because the XYMTP season is short and because of the recent rise in Covid cases, we will be requiring masks for all staff, students and volunteers during rehearsals until further notice.


Audition Directions

  • Come prepared to perform a short monologue (1 minute max). If you are interested in a specific character, then it would be best to choose a monologue that fits your character. (You can find a list of characters below!) For example, if you’re interested in Eddy, then please choose a more comedic monologue. Or if you’re interested in one of the Annes, then please choose a more dramatic monologue. You may choose to perform up to two monologues for auditions, but one monologue is also more than fine. Feel free to choose monologues from this resource:
    • If your role requires singing, then please perform a song from a musical (30 seconds to 1 minute). You can bring your own backing track (many are available on youtube), or you can also sing a cappella. Any past SYMTP song is acceptable, but your choice is not limited to those. Surprise us!
    • If you’re interested in Anne or 15 year old Anne in “Finding the One,” then please perform a short dance sequence (15-30+ seconds). You may choose a segment from one of the following videos; however, we do recommend the following brief clips:

List of Characters

Baking Friends

Baking Friends is a comedic short play about the friendship between an unlikely pair and the magic of imagination.

  • LUCIA – Female college student. Creative, shy, and kind. Must be able to show a range of emotion.
  • EDDY – Young elementary boy. Imaginative, lonely extrovert. Energetic, childlike character.
  • GARY – Dancing Cowboy musician. Character voice, but no singing. Must be comfortable with dancing/movement.
  • SIR JAMALOT – Dancing Medieval knight musician. Character voice, but no singing. Must be comfortable with dancing/movement.
  • RUBY – Female teen. Fun and free. Must be comfortable with dancing/movement.
  • BABYSITTER – Distracted and inattentive, but compassionate.
  • COLLEGE FRIENDS – Friendly and energetic

Book Lovers

Book Lovers is a comedic short musical about a young woman who is secretly in love with the nerdy librarian. She receives “helpful” advice from the characters in her books.

  • CHARLOTTE: A book lover. She probably drinks tea and has cats. Must be able to sing.
  • DEWEY: A nerdy librarian. No one understands the jokes on his t-shirts. Must be able to sing.
  • CYRANO DE BERGERAC: Thinks he’s better than everyone else. Must be able to sing.
  • HELEN OF TROY: Bold. Knows she’s beautiful. Must be able to sing.
  • JULIET CAPULET: Innocent. Obsessed with death. Must be able to sing.
  • HESTER PRYNNE: Flirtatious. Sing in character voice.
  • SIR LANCELOT: He’s a dudebro. Sing in character voice.

Finding the One

Finding the One is a dramatic short play about an aspiring young dancer who struggles to find the life and love she once had for her art. 

  • ANNE – FEMALE. Young woman. A high-performing, perfectionist and insecure dancer. Must be able to dance. A dramatic character.
  • 15 YEAR OLD ANNE - FEMALE. 15. Anne’s younger self. Submissive, focused, insecure. Must be able to dance.
  • 12 YEAR OLD ANNE – FEMALE. 12. Anne’s younger self. Must be able to dance.
  • 8 YEAR OLD ANNE - FEMALE. 8. Anne’s youngest self. Wise, but still bright. Must be able to dance.
  • JOANNE - FEMALE. 49. Anne’s calm, supportive mother.
  • CASSIE - FEMALE. 38. The dance academy’s pensive audition director.
  • DIANA (pronounced Dee-anne-uh) - FEMALE. 47. 15 year old Anne’s strict dance instructor.
  • OLD WOMAN with RADIO - FEMALE. Old. Think “Feed the Birds” lady from Mary Poppins.
  • STREET PERFORMER - The character must be able to play an instrument or air-play.

Bittersweet Lullaby

Bittersweet Lullaby is a dramatic short musical about two struggling songwriters who cross the bounds of time to create a song together. 

  • MAN: Aspiring composer/lyricist living in the 1950’s. Must be able to sing.
  • WOMAN: Aspiring composer/lyricist living in present day. Must be able to sing.

What is (X)YMTP?

  • (X)YMTP is a youth theatre troupe made up of teen (ages 10-18) with the goal of performing more difficult productions, being engaged in theatre outreach in the community, growing and giving back to the Globe/Miami/San Carlos community.
  • The “(X)” represents SYMTP coming out of the summer with (X) representing "experimental", allowing the SYMTP staff to pursue new avenues that have previously been left unexplored.
  • (X)YMTP participants have to audition, commit to rigorous practice, performance, and educational outreach program.
  • The troupe is under the direction and mentorship of the regular Summer Youth Musical Theatre Program staff.

Past Productions:

James and the Giant Peach, Spring 2016
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Spring 2017
Les Misérables, Summer 2018