(x)ymtp | Empowering children through theatre

What is (X)YMTP?

  • (X)YMTP is a youth theatre troupe made up of teen (ages 11-18) SYMTP alumnae with the goal of performing more difficult productions, being engaged in theatre outreach in the community, growing and giving back to the SYMTP community.
  • The “(X)” represents SYMTP coming out of the summer with (X) as a variable showing that it can happen at any time of year and anywhere in the community.
  • (X)YMTP is free to all members, but participants have to audition, commit to rigorous practice, performance, and educational outreach program.
  • The troupe is under the direction and mentorship of the regular Summer Youth Musical Theatre Program staff.

(X)YMTP so far:
Ambitious by design, (X)YMTP has already begun to spread and enrich the importance of theatre arts in the community of Globe-Miami.

  • School Performances: In partnership with the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts’ Community Outreach Program (funded by the United Fund of Globe-Miami), (X)YMTP performed shortened, 30-minute versions of James and the Giant Peach for elementary students in the Globe and Miami school districts.
  • Building the Program: (X)YMTP is a chance for our teens to give back to the program they have grown to love. All proceeds from the  James and the Giant Peachperformances went to lowering costs of SYMTP tuition for all participants, and funding exciting new developments to increase the number of kids.
  • Developing the Future:  SYMTP succeeds because of three things: generous and caring sponsors, committed and enthusiastic children, and a dedicated and brilliant staff. Without our staff and their expertise, SYMTP would not exist. (X)YMTP is a way to mentor participants, give them ownership and prepare the next generation for the inevitable.
  • Sold-out Shows:  This past spring, (X)YMTP saw tremendous growth in its teen performers and drew sold-out audiences to each performance of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, including an encore weekend.

Past Productions:

James and the Giant Peach, Spring 2016
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Spring 2017
Les Misérables, Summer 2018